We are more than our bodies. We are more than our exterior. We are more than beautiful.

Every day, we are told in myriad ways that the most important thing we have to offer the world is our beauty. We're bombarded by messages telling us that, no matter what, we must look pretty and young and thin and toned and primped and pleasing at all times. From a very young age, we learn exactly how we are supposed to appear in the world, and, of course, exactly how we are failing. We're each enrolled in beauty school on the day we're born. And it's time we dropped out. It's time that we turned our attention away from outside expectations and toward learning what we truly want and expect for ourselves. It's time that we stopped counting all the ways that we don't measure up, and started learning that we are capable and unique beyond measure.

Meet Your Coach

  • Naomi Katz

    Naomi Katz

    Hi! I'm Naomi Katz (she/her/hers), and I believe that all shapes deserve to be happy, confident, and fulfilled. After starting my career as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I realized that nobody gets comfortable in their skin by making changes on the outside. So, now I help womxn build healthy relationships with themselves from the inside out. I believe that we are not defined by our bodies, but by our values, traits, actions, and beliefs. My goal is to help womxn connect with these deeper levels and learn to take control of their lives. My coaching focuses on shifting the attention off of appearance to better cultivate true self-acceptance, self-trust, and confidence.

Our healthiest relationship should be with ourselves.

This 12-week DIY course follows the same path as any good relationship: build knowledge, build trust, gain acceptance.

  • Know Yourself

    We are not defined by our bodies. We are defined by our traits, our values, and our beliefs. So that's where we start this journey.

  • Trust Yourself

    Cultivating self trust is one of the most important steps in our journey to kicking diet culture to the curb, increasing our confidence, and living autonomous lives.

  • Accept Yourself

    Body acceptance is about acknowledging our bodies in their current forms without judgment. We'll learn to detach importance from the appearance of our bodies and see how much more than beautiful we really are.

Course curriculum

  • 2
    Know Yourself
    • Know Yourself - Intro FREE PREVIEW
    • Week 1: What's Your Story?
    • Week 1: #BeautySchoolDropoutGoals
    • Week 2: Who Do You Want to Be?
    • Week 2: #BeautySchoolDropoutGoals
    • Week 3: Who Don't You Want to Be?
    • Week 3: #BeautySchoolDropoutGoals
    • Week 4: What Do You Want?
    • Week 4: #BeautySchoolDropoutGoals
  • 3
    Trust Yourself
    • Trust Yourself - Intro FREE PREVIEW
    • Week 5: Use Your Words
    • Week 5: #BeautySchoolDropoutGoals
    • Week 6: Find the Bright Spots
    • Week 6: #BeautySchoolDropoutGoals
    • Week 7: Act Authentically
    • Week 7: #BeautySchoolDropoutGoals
    • Week 8: Do All The Things
    • Week 8: #BeautySchoolDropoutGoals
  • 4
    Accept Yourself
    • Accept Yourself - Intro FREE PREVIEW
    • Week 9: Building Awareness
    • Week 9: #BeautySchoolDropoutGoals
    • Week 10: Negative Body Talk
    • Week 10: #BeautySchoolDropoutGoals
    • Week 11: Body Neutrality & Fatphobia
    • Week 11: #BeautySchoolDropoutGoals
    • Week 12: Living in Our Bodies
    • Week 12: #BeautySchoolDropoutGoals
  • 5
    Wrap Up
    • Congratulations & Thank You!

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